Play a Beat

Using Quarter Notes

Lesson Introduction

In this lesson we will learn how to play your first drum beat using the Kick Snare & Hats. The best way to approach this is to start using just one instrument.

Set a tempo of 60 bpm and play the following one by one.

Tip: If you are comfortable playing faster set a faster tempo to play along with, if you don’t have a metronome, then play at a tempo you are comfortable with and remember to keep that tempo consistent.

To become comfortable with these patterns, you should be able to play them repeatedly 20 times without a mistake before moving onto the next pattern.

Step 1

Play Quarter Notes on the Hi Hat.

Tip: Count to 4 at 60 bpm

Step 2

Play Hi Hat with Bass Drum

Tip: Use Right Hand and Foot only

Step 3

Play Hi Hat with Snare Drum

Tip: Use hands only

Step 4

Play Snare and Bass Drum

Tip: Right Foot Left Hand only

Step 5

Play Full Beat

Tip: Both Hands & Right Foot

Playing Tips

  1. All of the above can be played with or without a drum kit. Simply tapping your feet and hands is a great way to get to know the feel of the beat playing in time with the audio files.
  2. At any stage you cannot keep the beat, get back a few steps and try different combinations as per above until you are comfortable coordinating all three limbs at once.
  3. Try playing these along with music at various tempo’s.

If you have played the full beat at step 7, congratulate yourself as you’ve just played your first drum beat, take a break.


With this lesson you learn’t how to play a beat using Quarter notes on the Hi Hat, Bass Drum on 1 & 3, Snare Drum on 2 & 4. If you have managed to play all of the above beats Congratulate yourself you’ve just played your first drum beat, now take a break. Otherwise if you’d like more take a look at the next lesson Play a Beat (Eighths).