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We’re all about drums, from online lessons to custom drum tracks. We live for music and drumming. So if you’re keen to get into drums check us out.

We pull apart popular songs to create a series of exercises that build your skills.

Let’s get started on your drumming journey with these practical lessons.

We’re digging a little deeper to build on your existing skills to get you on your way.

We’re about connecting with players and enthusiasts of all levels in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Classes of All Levels

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Your drumming journey starts here learning the essential fundamentals

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online drum school


We’re building on our foundation with more complexity.

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online drum school


Take Your playing to the next level with these lessons.

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The Best Time To Start Playing Is Now!



There are so many benefits to playing the drums like coordinating new beats and grooves to cutting loose on a great tune. With the availability of quality instruction on the web, there’s no better time to start your musical journey.

- Davıd Edwards

Founder, Drumde.

3 Basic Rudiments

Learn the three basic Rudiments on the drum kit to get your started.

Tool Stinkfist

Drum TrackTool - StinkfistPLAY FILEPlease Like & Share our Social Channels

Drum Deconstruct – Immigrant Song

We delve into one of Rocks Finest Drum tracks Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. Simplify the pattern to learn more..

Accents Using Stick Control

Learn how to apply accents using stick control where R becomes the accented note and L is played quieter.

Play a Beat with Quarter Notes

Learn how to play a basic drum beat using Quarter notes

Timekeeping On The Drums

Timekeeping On The DrumsAn Introduction to Timekeeping Methods Using a Metronome Lesson Introduction Learning how to keep time with a metronome is an important step in becoming a better time-keeper. Drummers are depended upon to keep time in a band situation keeping...

Tool Eulogy Drum Lesson

Drum LessonTool - EulogyLesson Information This lesson focuses on the 4 bar phrase starting at 6:35 of the song. For this purpose, we have included a screenshot of the score.  PART ONEPART TWOPlease Like & Share our Social Channels

Stick Control

STICK CONTROLLesson Information We're building a series of lessons dedicated to Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone.   LESSON ONELESSON TWOPlease Like & Share our Social Channels

Drum Deconstruct – Van Halen Jump

Song DeconstructVan Halen - JumpLesson Introduction Our intention with this lesson is to delve into the very famous guitar break / solo which starts at 2:16 in the song. Yes this is a drum lesson. However if you’ve listened to it, you’ll realise the drum pattern is...

Drum Music Staff

Start here for lessons on the music staff, we discuss the placement of the drums within the staff and note values.

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